Helping Out Your Real Estate Agent

When I became a real estate agent, I was unprepared for the number of people that had unrealistic expectations for their new home. Instead of sticking with a budget and searching for a modest place, many of my clients stretched their limits, only to be disappointed with what they could really afford. Unfortunately, that reality check takes a lot of time, which can be frustrating to any agent. I want to teach people how to help out their real estate agent. In addition to making their job easier, it can also help you to find the right house sooner than you would otherwise.

Four Updates You Should Do To Help Your Home Sell


If you are going to put your home on the market, there are a few quick tricks that you can do to put your home in a better position to sell. If you can make your home inviting and move-in ready, you will have more luck with potential buyers and offers. Here are four quick fixes that you can do to help sell your home.

1. Take the Time to Clean

It might seem simple, but a top to bottom scrub down of your home is in order if you will be showing it to potential buyers. Besides general cleaning, this should involve cleaning walls, windows and carpets as well. Bring in a cleaning crew that can really give your home a deep clean if you just aren't up for doing it yourself.

2. Take Down Dark Curtains

If your home has dark curtains to battle weather and temperature in your home, it is time to throw this functionality out the window and let in the light. Replace these with white curtains, thin fabric, or nothing at all. Windows letting in light will make your home seem bigger and more inviting. Even if your heavy curtains serve a purpose, they won't help sell your house.

3. Play up Storage

If you are living in your home while you are selling it or have left some items there while selling, don't fill your closets and storage areas with personal belongings. Potential buyers are going to want to see storage space, which can be a big selling point. Cleared out closets, storage areas and garages will appear larger when empty.

4. Spruce up the Yard

Curb appeal isn't a myth and is something that you should take very seriously when selling your home. If you can do a quick mow of the lawn and buy some new plants or flowers to line your front door, your home will already look more inviting. It can be hard to take in your yard the way a potential buyer would. Get an outside opinion from a friend or neighbor who can let you know what yard work would make the biggest impact, whether this be landscaping, tree trimming, or weed whacking.

You don't need to undergo an extensive remodel to sell your home. How potential buyers see your home and the ease at which they can envision themselves living there is key. Play up your home's strengths in order to have it as presentable as possible once on the market. Contact a company like Century 21 Dynamic Realty for more information.


9 June 2015