Helping Out Your Real Estate Agent

When I became a real estate agent, I was unprepared for the number of people that had unrealistic expectations for their new home. Instead of sticking with a budget and searching for a modest place, many of my clients stretched their limits, only to be disappointed with what they could really afford. Unfortunately, that reality check takes a lot of time, which can be frustrating to any agent. I want to teach people how to help out their real estate agent. In addition to making their job easier, it can also help you to find the right house sooner than you would otherwise.

5 Tips For Landscaping A Home To Sell While Working With A Budget


Selling your home requires a lot of work since you want your home to sell at a fair price and be confident that you're not getting less than the home is worth. If you're preparing to put your home on the market or are disappointed by the amount of interest your home is receiving from potential homebuyers, it may be time to consider the impact of its curb appeal. With just a few landscaping projects, you can quickly transform the exterior of your home without spending a fortune.

Choose Low-Maintenance Plants for Your Climate

The easiest route to go when choosing plants for your front yard is looking for ones that do well in your climate and that are easy to care for. Skipping plants that are known for being demanding is essential since it will reduce the amount of time that you spend gardening and leave time for other chores while your home is listed for sale.

Some good examples of low-maintenance plants include French lavender, butterfly bush, and common thyme.

Reduce the Amount of Sprawling Lawn

While a large, green lawn can look beautiful in front of any home, they demand a lot of water and regular lawn mowing in order to continue looking good. To keep the front of your home looking presentable while your home is for sale, instead choose more hardscaping that minimizes the amount of time you need to spend on maintenance.  

Add Color with Vibrant Flowers

An effective way to add life to the front of your home is with vibrant flowers. Brightly colored flowers that attract butterflies can look beautiful and help lighten up any home.

Opt for Diversity with Lots to Look At

To keep the front of the yard as interesting as possible, consider adding a wide variety of plants and different zones. This means including a lighted walkway, hardscaping, a flower bed, and more, to help give viewers a lot of different elements to look at.

Tackle Landscaping on Your Own

While professional landscapers can help enhance the front of your home before you list it for sale, it's best to tackle the work on your own to save money. With the tips above, you'll be able to make great improvements to the front of your yard without spending a fortune.

As you look into your choices for landscaping, keep in mind that you have the intention to sell. With selling your home the top priority in your mind, you can greatly improve the curb appeal and still stay on budget. For more help selling your home, contact a company like Conrad Bitangcol.


5 April 2015